Market Insight

See what is live and selling through Profr and where. Take a look at past deals to understand trends and variations. Set the frequency that you want to receive market updates and get vital shopping insight in time to make decisions about stock, timing and location.

Profr analytics provides reports that give you the insight to help make those critical decisions about what to sell and where. See what is getting the most number of views, what has been ‘liked’ the most and how many items have been sold.

Both the number of times a product has been viewed and the total amount of likes products have received can be filtered geographically.

Further guidance can be taken from the website and apps analytics. See how many apps have been downloaded and where. Get a view of the number of haggles completed with a sale and the average value of products that have been haggled for.

Follow the link here to sign up for the full package of Profr Analytics : 

Shopper Insight

Understand what shoppers are buying as well as what they want to buy.

You’ll know what shoppers want because we will tell you by sending you an email with shopper requests. In addition, receive information about items that customers have liked and items that have been saved as part of a shopper’s interests.

We’ll also let you know what customer’s have bought which goods and how many times (subject to the data protection act).

Follow the link here to sign up for the full package Profr Analytics 

Deal Performance Metrics

Review how your deals are doing by logging into your account in the Merchant Centre and track how many items you have sold, the money you have made, and where (if applicable) they have been sold.

Get Started

New to Profr and haggling then get started here

Setting up your account

In order to start trading through Profr you will need to provide details about yourself, your company, the bank account where you want payments for sales less our commission to be paid, and the email address where Profr Analytics information should be sent. If you want to set up a direct debit to pay for insertions then you can fill in a direct debit mandate that we will send to your bank to authorize withdrawal of funds. Alternatively, you can pay by credit or debit card each time you want to insert items for sale.

Once you have completed inputting this information you will be taken the item input screen where you can start loading up sets of products you want to sell. You will receive a welcome email that gives summary confirmation details of the information you have given.

Starting to Trade

Once all of the details are finalized you can start to load items for sale. You can input the following information:

Setting a limit on the quantity of items you sell is important. These are desirable products that act as a lead to get people into your shops.

Making your items available for a few days increases the desirability again.

If your products sell out first time then you can list them again. You can list products as many times as you want.

You can set the date and time that you want your products to appear on Profr. When the specified date and time are reached Profr will start displaying your products for sale providing your insertion payments have been received.

Guide to Setting Prices

You can choose to set the opening price for a set of products at any amount. The opening price will be the start point for reducing the selling price.

While the Profr shopkeeper will sell your products for varying prices you will always receive the discount that you want against all items in a set. Set the average discount for each set of items that you are going to insert. The average discount only applies to a single set of items for insertion.

You can choose to vary the average discount for each set of the same items that you insert into Profr or have different discounts for different sets of items. It doesn’t matter if you set different discounts for the same item in separate sets.

Example 1:

100 MP3 players is the set of items.
The Opening Price is set at £80 including VAT for each MP3 player.
The average discount is set at 10% across all 100 MP3 players.
You will receive £72.00 including VAT less the Profr sales commission (excl. VAT) for each MP3 player sold.

Example 2:

225 pairs of straight leg jeans
The Opening Price is set at £65 for each pair of Jeans.
The average discount is set at 15% across all 225 pairs of Jeans.
You receive £55.25 for each pair of Jeans less the Profr sales commission of 7% (excl. VAT).

Profr Pricing and Payments

Insertion Fee

Profr aims to keep your set up costs as low as possible so it doesn’t matter what the opening price is for your products, the insertion fee is always the same. The first payment is for listing your products for sale to Profr’s mobile audience, the insertion fee:

£0.30p per item plus VAT.

Payment for the insertion fee must clear before the items will be allowed to appear on Profr. You can choose to pay by card if you wish to get going quickly or if that is your preferred option.

If you wish to pay by direct debit then there will be a delay for the direct debit mandate to be approved if you’ve just signed up. This can be up to 5 working days from the date of the application. If you have already got a direct debit account with Profr then it usually takes 3 working days for the funds to clear. In either case we will send you an email to let you know that the funds have cleared.

If Profr doesn’t list your items during the set time and dates then you will be able to request a refund. This may be in the form of a reimbursement or payment (partial or full depending on the number of items being listed) for a further listing. 

Sales Commission

Sales Commission

The second payment is only due when you have sold an item. This is the sales commission and it is taken from the discounted selling price that you set. It is separate from the insertion fee. The sales commission for all products sold on Profr is:

7% per item sold plus VAT.

Example Insertion Fee and Sales Commission Payment:

100 MP3 players with an opening price of £100 including VAT.

Insertion fee is 100 X £0.30p = £30.00 plus VAT

The average discount is set, by you, at 20% across all 100 MP3 players.

You will receive £64 including VAT less the Profr sales commission of 7% for each MP3 player sold by Profr.

Profr Sales commission of 7% from £64 = £4.48 plus VAT (£5.37)

£64 less £5.37  = £58.63

You will receive a total of £58.63p for each MP3 player sold.

If Profr sells all 100 players on your behalf then the total you will receive is £5,863. 

All monies that are due to you will be paid into your chosen bank account within 30 days from the closing date of the selling period.

Tracking Sales

Logging into the merchant dashboard will give you access to your Merchant Dasboard. From here you will be able to:

Redemption Guide

As soon as we take payment from a shopper a unique code is sent to the app on their mobile device. This will appear in their wallet. Shopper’s can redeem the items they have bought from you by showing the code they have received in your store.

You can track all of the codes and match them using the Merchant Dashboard in the Merchant Centre on the website. If you request it Profr will send you an email with the unique code and the purchase details each time a sale happens.