Merchant FAQs

Who owns Profr?

Profr is developed and owned by a company called Factory Apps Limited. The company name is a homage to the founder’s youthful misunderstanding of Factory Records, the punk ‘revolution’ and the myriad ‘Indie’ labels that sprang up in the late 70’s. Mobile apps, although channeled through a few major distributors, has the same feel and opportunity – practically anyone can have a go and succeed.

How do I get my stock listed on Profr?

There are two ways to get your stock sold through Profr:

Does it cost me anything to list an item?

It costs 30p per item to get it listed.

What type of products can I sell?

You can sell anything you want, providing it is legal and it is in keeping with the Profr ethos.

We would recommend that you sell desirable products as a way of drawing more people to your brand and your shop.

Who does the marketing?

Profr advertises the App and listed products through targeted mobile device advertising, social networks and shopping interest sites.

If you want to advertise that you are using Profr then email us at and we will send you a logo and strapline to use.

What’s the reason for having a maximum selling time of 5 days?

You are selling desirable items. These only come in limited amounts for short periods of time. Shoppers will need to use the app regularly to make sure they don’t miss out. And you can always list it again if it sells out.

Why should I limit the number of items I want to sell?

Shoppers love to think that they have got something that others may have missed out on. They also want something that is a little bit unique. Limiting the number of items encourages shoppers to make decisions more quickly.

Who does the haggling?

The Profr shopkeeper does all the haggling for you. Just set the average discount you want to give over a set of items and the shopkeeper will do the rest. No time or resources needed from you.

Haggling means different sale prices so how do I make sure I don’t give away more than I can afford?

You set the average discount on each set of items that you want to sell. Profr will always return the average discount you set while still giving varying discounts to shoppers.

Example: You have 100 items with an opening price of £100 including VAT per item. You set the average discount at 20% across all 100 items. If you sell some or all of the items Profr will pay you £80 for each item sold less our sales commission of 7% (excl. VAT).

What happens when my products are sold?

Shoppers pay for your products on their mobile device. As soon as a payment has cleared both you and the shopper get a unique code that the shopper will use to pick up their item from your shop.

How do I get paid?

Once we have received the payment we will pass it on to you less the sales commission (30 day net terms from the closing date of the selling period).

How do I know how many products are sold?

You can login to your Profr account at any time and check how many items have been sold. You can also check the email that we will send you as an update on the all of the items sold.

Shoppers can request items – how do I know what they are asking for?

Subscribe to Profr Analytics and we’ll send you a regular analysis of what is being asked for, what is being sold and where - plus a whole lot more.

How can I subscribe to Profr Analytics or find out more?

You can set up a subscription to Profr Analytics by signing up from your account, by going to analytics and signing in or signing up, or by sending an email to We’ll send you all the info about what you get and the prices. Once you’ve decided to get vital product and shopper insights visit the link and sign up.