Why Profr Works

New Customers – Low Setup Costs – New Profits

“32 million people in the UK own a smartphone”

Reach the rapidly growing population of shoppers who use their mobile device to shop. With Profr you get a complete shopping experience designed for mobile devices. Its ready to use so you can get selling for a fraction of the amount it costs to develop your own app.

Straight to the heart of this explosion in mobile commerce

People are using their mobile devices to shop. They spent £41.8 billion in the last year. This is predicted to grow by 97% per year and hit £591 billion by 2015.

Generation Y (18 – 34 years old)

“Retail sales via a mobile device grew 254% year on year to March 2012”

Profr markets the app, the service and your products primarily to 20 - 34 year olds with a smart mobile device. Shoppers will know (because Profr will tell them) that they have an opportunity to get an agreed price on quality products, one that is lower than the opening price.

Generation Y (18 – 34 years old) are much more likely to be influenced by smartphone apps than other age group.

Change the Shopping Experience

Shoppers are checking prices on items they want in your store using online comparison sites. Shoppers will hunt for better bargains; nearly a third of them make impulse buys to use promotional codes that save money.

“44% of UK Shoppers always research purchases on the internet before buying in a store“

Beat price comparisons by letting shoppers haggle for an agreed price with the Profr shopkeeper. The shopkeeper is automated so there’s no need for extra resources. You set up the opening price and the average discount on a set of items and Profr does the rest. You will always get the average discount you set for each sale, even if Profr’s shopkeeper sells for varying prices.

If a shopper can’t find what they want on Profr, they can tell you. Shoppers can choose to request an item. Profr will send you a regular update on the things that shopper’s in your area are looking to buy.

“New technology fuels rise in m-commerce by all age groups and empowers the voice of the consumer”

Grow Footfall and Brand Value

Put items on Profr that people want, sell for an agreed price and you double the value to shoppers.

“The majority of UK shoppers will reserve online and then collect from a store locally (80% in 2012 up from 74% in 2011)”

If you prefer to use mail order Profr can supply the Shoppers mailing address to you. Just add postage and packaging to your merchant account details and we’ll add the amount to the final agreed price.

Sale after sale encourages price shopping and comparisons, and ultimately lowers shopper perceptions of value. Loyalty, difficult enough to encourage without lots of price reductions, gets easier for consumers to break. Turn this around by attracting consumers to your brand with quality products that can be bought for an agreed price.

Consumers want the convenience of buying online AND the reassurance of dealing with a local store. Having to wait for the mail to deliver can dampen the excitement of a new purchase. Profr issues a redemption code to the shopper and the retailer once payment has been approved. Details of the shopper’s location and your shop address are used to navigate your customer to the store for pick up – bringing shoppers right up to and through your front door.

Mobile Time

“71% of shoppers say that the main reason for the increase in on the spot purchasing through mobile devices is because the process is so simple and ease of use.”

People use their mobile devices when they have spare time or when they are multi-tasking with friends. Profr is simple and quick to use; swipe through a list of items or search, tap on what is wanted for more detail, haggle for an agreed price and pay. Being interrupted by a call, text or email isn’t a problem – if the shopper returns to haggling within 30 minutes everything will be as they left it.

You choose the selling time and the quantity of items you want to offer to mobile device users. You can also choose how many times you want the items to appear for sale and when. There is a maximum selling time of 5 days for any set of items. This is an incentive for shoppers to make decisions and buy while the items are still for sale. Limiting the number of items available for purchase has the same effect.