Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the app?

You can get it from the Apple Store and Google Play. It’s listed under ‘Retail’ and it’s free to download.

Can I search for stuff I like?

Yes you can. Either swipe through the list of items on Profr or type in a search query. If its not listed we’ll tell you and ask if you want it to be offered for haggling through Profr.

Will you get me items I want to be listed?

If enough people ask for the same product we will tell the retailers what you want. So, get your friends involved and get them to ask for the things you all want.

Can I deal with shops that are close to where I am or where I’m going to be?

Absolutely. Profr will connect you with shops that are local to where you are. Profr will search the area local to where you are for participating stores and list them (providing you have GPS switched on).

Why are there a limited number of items for a limited time?

You get to haggle for things that are desirable – therefore there are a limited number and they are only available for a limited time.

Not sure about haggling?

It’s the best way of getting some money off the things that you really want. You’ll see the opening price on all of the items listed. Tap the product you want to start haggling.  You only have to type in a lower amount than the retailer offers - it's text only - and wait for the Shopkeeper's response. Every product on Profr is there to be haggled for so you won’t upset any of the retailers by asking for money off!

How do I haggle on Profr?

It’s the same as haggling in a store except you only have type in the price you want to pay.

You make the first counteroffer – just decide what your opening price would be and what you will settle for. Type in your opening price, which will be lower than what you will settle for. The shopkeeper might make a counteroffer or they might accept your offer.

If the shopkeeper makes another offer you can choose to accept it, split the difference or put in another offer.

Splitting the difference means that you will meet the shopkeeper half way between your last offer and their last offer. It will usually result in a deal being made.

When the shopkeeper gives you a ‘Final Offer’ they mean that they will not give any further discounts.

You can choose to accept an offer whenever you want.

What happens when I accept an offer or my offer is accepted?

You have agreed to buy the product at that price and will be asked for payment. Profr will check once to make sure that you are happy to go ahead and pay the agreed price.

Can I haggle with lots of different retailers for the same product?

You may only haggle with one retailer for one product at a time.

Do I have to talk to someone when I’m haggling?

Its text only input so you don’t have to talk to anyone – just tap in your offer.

What happens if an email, call or lack of coverage interrupts my haggling?

Return to the app in less than half an hour and you can complete your haggling from where you left off.

So, if I leave it for more than half an hour?

The shopkeeper is going to think that you aren’t interested and will cancel the deal. You’ll also have to wait for an hour while the shopkeeper deals with other customers before you get another chance.

What happens if I don’t complete the deal for a second time?

The shopkeeper won’t take you seriously and will not accept any offers for the next 24 hours. If the time limit for the item runs out then you’ve missed out.

What happens after I’ve paid?

You’ll be asked to enter payment details and, once payment is approved, you will get a unique code sent to the wallet in your app. Take this code to the shop that you’ve dealt with, show it to the shopkeeper and get your product.

Can I change my mind after I’ve agreed a deal?

Not through Profr. You will have to pay for the item you have agreed to buy. You can then talk to the retailer when you go to pick up your purchase about a refund, voucher or exchange item.

What happens if the product is faulty?

Take it back to the shop you bought it from. Profr connects you with retailers local to you so that you have the peace of mind to know that if anything does go wrong the shop you bought from is a short distance away. If you've used mail order the shop will normally have an approved returns policy that you will need to use. Profr does not deal with returns, exchanges or faulty goods - this is the responsibility of the retailer.