Profr – ‘Proffer’ an offer or proposal.

Profr is all about shopping – haggle for what you want from wherever you are using your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Look through listed products from shops local to you and select what you want. 

If your sort of stuff isn’t listed on Profr then tell us and we’ll tell the shops in your area that you’d like to haggle for it.

Don’t worry about haggling – it’s as simple as tapping in a price and seeing if the shopkeeper agrees. If they don’t then try again – you’ll get to a price that is right for you and the retailer.

Using Profr takes minutes to choose and agree a price. Pay on your mobile device and go and collect want you want using maps – no waiting for the mail to arrive.

Out of town and out of time, use mail order so you don't miss out on what you want.